MY IMS CRM is an Open Source CRM Software!

Download a CRM Web System at no cost? Yep – that's right.

Our team of freelance developers work together to solve common business needs. They are part of an open source community, where sharing resources is promoted so that others can use them and further develop open source solutions. Because of this environment, all these resources continue to evolve and improve as a direct result of this open community cooperation. Amazing concept, eh?

Open source applications may require some skill in setting up and preparing for use. However, open source programs become a very attractive option when you need the functionality that does not exist in a commercial off-the-shelf product. Making yourself familiar with open source can literally save you thousands of dollars, especially if you decide that you need a system that is unique and built for your specific needs.

Organisations looking for software solutions to improve their profitability and reduce the cost of running a business are usually facing lengthy and costly implementations which can also result in inflexible software, and poor user adoption.

MY IMS CRM solution delivers a fast, flexible and familiar customer relationship management software for businesses looking to enhance their everyday productivity in the areas of sales, marketing, customer service and more.

Our source code is purposely built in a way that helps developers ease into the code.   Download the code now

Click 'Demo' to try our Open Source CRM online

Windows Server

Our CRM Software is designed for Windows Server.

Microsoft .NET

MY IMS Software is built on Microsoft .NET framework.

SQL Database

We use the flexibility and robustness of Microsoft SQL Server Database (starting with Express Edition).

HTML 5 & CSS 3

We've implemented the latest standards of HTML and Style Sheets.

JQuery technology

We've taken advantage of JQuery & JQuery Mobile Scripting and plugins.

It’s CRM Software without licences

You may NOT have to pay any licence fees if you're a small business.

It's light on your IT resources

You only need one basic Windows Server for in-house deployment or take advantage of our latest hosted CRM offer.

It's Open Source Solution

Don't get locked in by your CRM Software Vendor; Get the source code to your CRM Solution!
Download .NET source code.

It runs on your web browser

It's a CRM Software which works on most popular web browsers: Firefox 4+ (Recommended), Google Chrome 11+ and Internet Explorer 9+ (IE9).

It's fast to setup

MY IMS CRM Software is the right choice for customers who are looking for speedy, cost-effective and flexible business solution.

It links to your existing systems

Make the most of your IT investment, take advantage of our expertise in developing and integrating different systems.

It's easy to modify

MY IMS CRM solution can implement your business rules, easily make screen and data changes, while using the flexibility and robustness of Microsoft SQL Database.